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VP Voice - Olly Shearman

Email: ussu.vpvoice@surrey.ac.uk​

Hi! My name's Olly and I am VP Voice for 20178-2019. It's my job to ensure that the Voice Zone works to represent the breadth of the student population, no matter who you are and what you're studying. Over the year, the Voice​ Zone and I will ensure that students have an opportunity to act upon their views and make change, whether that's through the Course Rep programme, our campaigns and projects, or getting involved in Surrey Decides.​​

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What is the Voice Zone?

The Voice Zone is responsible for obtaining student opinion on issues that have an ever-present impact on student life. It's also paramount that democracy remains at the heart of the Union and, most importantly, in the ov​erall student experience.

The Voice Zone is an elected team of five part-time officers and led by the VP Voice. Together, the Zone takes a lead on feedback surveys, ensuring that all electoral processes are upheld with fair and just democratic procedures and ensuring that this is continually made accessible to all students. Most of all, we support students by giving voice to concerns that they express, and the passion to drive change at the University.​

If you would like to know more or get involved in the Voice Zone, you can find our minutes and details of meetings here​.  

Meet the Zone Committee

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Hira Arab

I'm in my second year of Biochemistry at Surrey and just as much as I love the world of science, poetry is where my head is stuck in most of the time. I've lived In Pakistan, USA, Scotland and England so I understand how challenging it can be to voice your opinion in a new environment. Last year I was on the committee of Palestine, Pakistan and Islamic society, which has made it easier for me to empathies, and understand issues minorities are facing. This year I will be president of woman's international society where one of my aims is to work alongside with the union to raise awareness of human right issues woman are globally facing. 

I hope to empower individuals by collaborating with different societies and holding workshops to make them a team player and not just an observer in the changes made!​

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Diana Dakik

Hello! My name is Diana Dakik and I'm a final year Veterinary Bioscience student. I'm originally Lebanese but was born and have lived most of my life in Zambia. Since I was very young, I've been massively into horse riding and have spent most of my time at Surrey involving myself in the Equestrian Club. I've been Vice President, President and now Treasurer of the club and have really enjoyed it so far! I also compete in the BUCS leagues. My main aims for this year is to continue to persevere with the Panopto lecture recordings and improve the general learning experience, further improve the already fantastic Course Rep Scheme and really focus on making sure International Students really enjoy their time here, away from home. I'm really excited to improve the student experience by interacting with fellow students and making full use of inter-zone collaborations.

I'm always on campus and getting involved in things, so I'm sure I'll see you around!

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Biray Kayhan

​Hi everyone my name is Biray and I am final year International Business student from London. I will be one of your five voice zone committee members. My positions of responsibility besides from being a member of the voice zone committee includes being the president of the Turkish Society. One of my aims is to have a user-friendly students’ union website with regular and updated information to increase the likelihood of student engagement. I intend to improve student engagement with the union alongside representing the minority that may feel as if their voice is not being heard. I intend to do this is by visiting different societies and interacting with people to get instant feedback. This will allow me and my voice zone team to work on challenges that may be occurring. So, expect to see my face around!

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Taz Kingdon

Just as likely to have my head buried in a book as I am to be hurling myself down a dry slope on a pair of skis, I enjoy most things! This year will be my second year at Surrey, studying Politics and Biological Psychology. Communication is my priority however; whether that be between students, sports clubs, societies, the Union or university departments. Almost everything can be solved with open and honest conversations and my motto is 'you won't know unless you ask' – I hope to be able to get a lot more students asking, in the hope of being able to make it happen. ​

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Olivia Mitchell

Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm a Business Management and Marketing student currently on placement at Electronic Arts. During my second year I became a lot more involved in the Union, balancing two committee positions at SUBCULTURED and UOSBC alongside being a Course Rep within the Business school. I decided to run in Surrey Decides as I believe that everyone's voice should be represented and accounted for as there are many issues that are having a significant impact on student life here are Surrey. My main focus is on ensuring that all course reps are heard across all schools and faculties, and that input from course reps is respected by all members of staff. I also wish to ensure greater transparency between the Union and student population so that all relevant information is made readily available. I will also be driving for the London loan, and ensuring issues highlighted in the housing manifesto aren't forgotten.

Our Recent Projects

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Alex Harden, VP Voice - ussu.vpvoice@surrey.ac.uk

If you have an issue that needs to be taken higher in the University then your VP Voice needs to hear about it. Get in touch here.​

Voice Zone - ussu.voicezone@surrey.ac.uk

For any general enquiries or feedback you'd like to send to all the Officers in the voice zone, you can email our shared inbox. ​​

​​​For Course Reps

Course Rep Email - ussu.coursereps@surrey.ac.uk

If you've got a query or a general enquiry, send it over to the Course Reps inbox.



Course Rep Coordinator - hannah.jones@surrey.ac.uk

If you need help and advice on being a​ Rep or want to raise an issue you have encountered then please email 

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