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For students that have something to say

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Hi there, my name is Theo and I'm your 2020-2021 VP Voice. Together, the Voice Zone and I take a lead on everything relating to student opinion, democracy, and representing you at a national level.

Over the year, we train and support more than 550 Course Representatives, who are students that volunteer to represent their cohort on academic issues. We also run elections for more than 150 Clubs and Societies, as well as Surrey Decides - the annual election process for all SU Officers! 

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What is the Voice Zone?

The Voice Zone is made up of five Part Time Officers and led by the full time VP and together they support students by giving a voice to concerns that they express, and the directing the passion demonstrated to drive change at the University. 

The zone lead on elections, including AGMs for clubs and societies, Surrey Decides and Course Rep elections. Course Reps are at the heart of the voice zone, and allow for the Union to facilitate open discussions with the University on issues and improvements to the academic life and general student life. The Voice Zone is responsible for obtaining student opinion on issues that have an ever-present impact on student life and these are usually acted on in some of the campaigns ran each year. The Zone also runs an awards system for Lecturers referred to as SHOUT Awards, allowing students to celebrate those lecturers who have gone above and beyond. 

Your Part-time Voice Zone Officers

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Joel Miller:  Hi! I'm Joel and I am a final year International Business Management student. I wanted to join the Voice Zone because I am passionate about improving the student experience and believe every student can be part of that change. This year I'm looking into encouraging more students to share their voice, course reps, captured content and quality of education.

Megan Simmons: Hi Surrey, my name is Megan and I ran to be a member of the Voice Zone to ensure students are heard and to make student experience better. When I'm not at the climbing wall sitting on a boulder mat, I study Law and am currently in my final year. My focus this year is on improving student experience for commuters and placement students, as well as making sure those living off campus receive the same support as those living on campus. I would also like to make course reps more visible and to raise awareness of how students can use their voice to impact the university and the Students Union. 

Lester Buxton: Hi, I’m Lester and I’m currently a final year Quantum Biology PhD student. I ran to be on the voice zone to represent postgrad students and offer the experience I have, from 6 years of university, to the union. I’m really interested in improving the communications between staff and students at the university and raising the profile of postgrad students.

Renee Hizon: Hi, I'm Renee. I'm currently studying Politics and Economics and am in my third year of my studies doing a placement. I ran to be a member of the Voice Zone because I am extremely motivated to help improve the student experience here at Surrey through listening and acting on the feedback of Surrey students. This year, I'm really interested in amplifying student voices through better accountability and feedback communications and increased empowerment for student campaigns. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions!

Russell Sherrard-Smith: Hi, I'm Russell, and I'm currently in my final year studying Politics.  I want to see the Students' Union become more responsive to the needs of everyone studying here, especially disadvantaged students who can be drowned out from a lot of conversations. I'm also interested this year in improving sustainability on campus, particularly by getting the University to affiliate to Electronics Watch to make sure our supply chains are ethically sourced. More generally, I hope we can meet the unique challenges of the coming year too!

What we do

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