Support Zone

The Support Zone is led by the elected Vice President Support and is responsible for running support campaigns, ensuring the Union has student support in mind in all its activities, and for collating & acting upon student feedback on University support services.​

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VP Supp​​ort​​​ - Paul Olaniyan

Hi, this year I would be leading the energetic support zone in ensuring that student wellbeing is an utmost priority. I believe students cannot enjoy the full university experience without support towards their wellbeing. This year the support zone would be focusing on ensuring that adequate support is provided for minority groups on campus and encouraging inclusivity within the student body. The support zone would be at the forefront of wellbeing campaigns all year long and is also determined to actively lead in raising awareness on vital issues that affect student wellbeing. Feel free to join us for any of our zone meetings. 


Zone Committee

​​​The Committee work part-time to support everything the Support Zone is working on, whether its campaigns, workshops or training sessions. They each​ have their own projects they are working on this year so  feel free to chat to them about all that is happening t​his year.

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  Sarah Surget

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Samanth Galea


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Bethany Dawson

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Emily Byfield-Riches


Emergency Contacts on Campus

In case of an emergency situation, including mental health emergencies, such as feeling strong suicidal urges or experiencing distressing hallucinations, call 3333 to speak to security who can call an ambulance if needed.​

Off Campus

If you are in an emergency situation off campus, call 999.

External Organisations

The Centre for Wellbeing's web-page also gives details of other organisations to contact if you are in urgent need:

Contact the Support Zone!​​​

or call 01483 683953

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