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The Community Zone is led by the elected Vice-President Community and is responsible for bringing the student community together, integrating the student community into the local community, and ensuring that there are volunteering opportunities available for all students. This involves taking a lead on the entertainment & social activities on campus, welcoming new students and creating opportunities for students to participate in the local community.​


Website Circle (6).pngMy name is Gemma and I am your VP Community for 2018-19. My role as a Vice-President is to represent all students and lead the Community Zone, which is made up of 5 part time officers. As a zone we focus on bringing students together and building a sense of community both within campus and within Guildford. We are responsible for all of the social and community activities that take place at Surrey, including entertainment, welcoming students, volunteering and RAG as well as showcase events such as Colours Ball and Student and Societies Awards Ball. A key responsibility of the Community Zone is also to communicate the contribution of students to the local community and to deal with accommodation issues alongside the VP Support.

You can contact me on:

01483 689981

Zone Committee

The Zone Committee are part-time volunteers who work on Community Zone projects. Students should contact the VP Community or the Community Zone if they have any ideas or feedback about the entertainment that the Students' Union provides; if they want to find out about volunteering and fundraisi​ng opportunities. They are all working on their own projects too so feel free to contact them.

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Jacob Allen

Hi, I'm Jacob! I'm a second year International Politics student originally from Brighton. I campaigned and was elected on the 'Alternative Union' slate. I am currently the Treasurer of Surrey Labour Students and last year I was the Trade Union Liaison Officer. I am a Democratic Socialist and I passionately believe in free education and the promotion of workers' rights. My main focus this year on the Community Zone will be housing as it is a crisis which affects every single student at Surrey. Rents in University Halls are too high, averaging 78% of the average maintenance loan, and private sector rents are even more unaffordable. As a Union Officer, I will put pressure on the University to lower rents in Halls. I hope to forge close ties with Guildford Private Renters Association so that we can collectively campaign for better, more affordable Student housing. I believe that we need to be tough when it comes to both the University and Guildford Borough Council, to make sure the students at the University of Surrey are always put first and always get the best possible deal.

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Holly Marquez

Hey, I'm Holly! I'm a Final Year Psychology student from London and you can often find me either at a Dodgeball Society social, shooting photography with PhotoSoc or burning my student house down cooking! As a re-elected Part-Time Officer, I want to continue ensuring all of us are having the best experience whilst at Surrey! As a result, I have three focuses for this year.

1.     Entertainment You Want: I will work to make the entertainment the Union provides even more fun, diverse and inclusive by introducing more events for Fresher's Week and making it more accessible for you to feedback on the types of events you want throughout the year!

2.     Improving Student Image: I will work to improve our image in the Guildford Community through collaboration with other Zones in projects and events with the public. Our reputation affects the way students are treated by the community and has a massive impact on issues such as planning permission for student housing.

3.     Volunteering Regeneration: With our new Volunteering platform, we have an opportunity to lead the way in student volunteering! I will work to promote our new platform and show you that giving your time not only helps the community but can also make you more employable.

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Marco Conticini

Ciao! I'm Marco, a second year Italian Physics student who has lived around the world! Currently a portion of students commute to campus from outside Guildford, and an increasing number have to travel far just to get to the main campus. As housing becomes ever more expensive, students increasingly can only to afford houses in faraway areas!  Every minute a student spends stuck in traffic, or waiting for a train, is a minute less they can spend with friends, studying, practicing a sport or trying out a new society. Through lockers, bikes and buses, amidst other initiatives, I look to give people the time to enjoy university and all it has to offer.

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 Farah Baraqouni

Hello! My name is Farah, and I am one of the current Community Zone executive part-time officer. For this academic year, my lens will be focused on helping break the barriers hindering the growth of a sense of belonging within the student body, from freshers all the way to graduating students, and on a larger scale, within the entirety of the Guildford local community. 

Besides ensuring the visibility of ALL the fun events planned across the year, the utmost efforts will be readily provided to arrange for more opportunities to achieve volunteering hours as the new website is accessible to record your entries. Also, cross-cultural enhancement will be strongly pushed for in order to ensure internal engagement within the students, as well as inter-societal collaborations between clubs and societies (i.e. 'This Girl Can' campaign). Not to forget, the 'student' in student housing will be supported across all zones with the ongoing pressing issue of accommodation, including empowering students through educating them of their rights as tenants. 

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Ravinder Virik

​My Biography is coming soon!


You can contact me on

01483 689981

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