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At the start time of your confirmed booking, you may collect the keys for the vehicle. If the Students' Union Reception is open (9am-5pm M-F), the keys are available from the receptionist. If the Union Reception is closed, the keys will be available from Security located in Senate House (24Hr). ​
With the vehicle keys, you will also be given the Vehicle's document wallet. This will include the vehicle's Union logbook, a fault report sheet, and your booking confirmation sheet (and possibly the next hirer's as well).

Unless you are advised otherwise, the vehicle will be located in the Minibus carpark (as marked on the map below). If it is not, try looking in the overflow carpark, but there should be a note in the vehicle wallet stating this.

When your journey is over, please return the vehicle to the Minibus carpark, and return the keys to Union Reception (if open), or Senate House (if Union is closed). If there are no spaces available in the Minibus carpark, please park in the overflow carpark, but make a not in the logbook and inform either Union Reception or Senate House when you return the keys.

Please note, the far downhill space in the Minibus carpark is reserved for Pizza Man's delivery vehicle (it is signed). Please do not park in this space, or block any space when returning a vehicle.

If you are going to be late returning please use the [[Phone Home Keypad]] or your mobile to inform Union Reception (if open), or Senate House (if Union is closed) or the delay. Union Reception: 01483 689223. Security: 01483 682002.