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E-petitions is an online tool that allows you, the students, to easily voice your opinions to the Students' Union and potentially change Union policy. Petitions can be concerning any aspect of university life, enabling us as a Union to understand the key issues that affect the student body of the University of Surrey today.

Simply log into the Union website and click the link below to submit a petition. All petitions can be 'liked', and those that reach 50 likes will be discussed at the next Exec meeting.

Submit you petition, 'like' it, then get out on campus and encourage others to do so too! The more 'likes' that your petition receives, the more weigh it will have if it reached Exec. So get petitioning!​

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​​​​​There are not enough bike parking spaces on campus. It would​ be great to have more bike stands along the AC/AB building on the library side (expanding the current spaces) and some more could built in the corner of AD building. Those spaces are cu17/01/2018
​Should have dissertarion supervisors who is an expert in the subject. Would be much better for students im terms of guidelines and advises.105/12/2017
Front Room No Alcohol PolicyWith there already being areas on campus where alcohol can be consumed (e.g. Wates Brothers and Hari's Bar) with alcohol consumption also being allowed in court reception communal areas there is a definite absence of space in which students whom are uncom515/09/2016
Graduation PricesThe matter is the fact that we have to pay a fee of £45 to hire (not buy) our graduation robe AND that staff have failed to clearly mention this to students. I do not think it is affordable for students to pay this amount of money for a garment, especiall3015/04/2017
Make Degree Grades AccessibleSITS should display your current average mark for your degree clearlyOR AT LEASTThere should be a guided talk to your programme handbook to explain how to calculateyour current degree classification.627/08/2017
More BinsThere should be more bins on the general campus outside areas for general waste. 426/08/2017
No Assessments in Reading Week This is a petition to ask the University of Surrey to remove all assessments from reading week from the academic year 2017/18 onwards. This is on the basis that those students who have assessments in week 15, are less able to participate in the broad ran7304/12/2016
​PGRs have a student status but work and have teaching duties on a daily basis. Why should PGRs be restricted to a student parking permit with its severe parking days limitation when they actually work as staff? Most of PGRs do experimental work that requ11/01/2018
​I think there needs to be more of the smkoing shelters around campus, as currently there are very few around the campus. This is particualrly true around the accomodation. Currently there are none around the accomodation, which leads to many people smoki106/01/2018
Standardise Printing CreditsThe university should standardise the number of printing credits provided to each student. Presently the system is dependent on the department, some students receive £10, others are given unlimited printing credits. This standardised system must take into2804/12/2016
​​It should be improved the surrey learn system to make it easy for studets and staff 125/11/2017
There is a distinct lack of water fountains around campus to fill up water bottles. This has links to Surrey Moves and will ensure students stay hydrated. 209/01/2018
​Union website is not frequently updated enough and it's really old and need remodelling.609/11/2017