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​​​The Committee work part-time to support everything the Support Zone is working on, whether its campaigns,

workshops or training sessions. They eac​​h have their own projects they are working on this year so 

feel free to chat to them about all that is happening t​his year.


They can be contacted by email using: ussu.supportzone@surrey.ac.uk​​​

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​Katie TurneyJames Steel​​Izzy Watkins​Connaire Jenkins​Hannah Androulaki-Khan
I'm a third year vet student and I like my tea s o strong it could drink me. This degree is known to be extremely tough in terms of mental health and I felt the effects myself; I became a member of the Peer Support Scheme to help tackle this, and now as an officer I aim to ensure the success of the scheme, raise awareness for issues surrounding mental health and create a safe space by widening the reach of the Happiness Café.Hi I'm James Steel a 2nd year undergraduate student studying International Tourism Management. As students at the most expensive University outside of London, I see how much we are squeeze for money on and day to day basis. If its not paying for rent and utilities bills its buying the weekly shop or equipment for our courses. That's why I will push for more financial support to be offered at the University to help us students live a decent standard of living. 

Hello! I'm Izzy and I'm in my second year studying music. The support services at Surrey have helped me tremendously throughout my first year and by becoming a zone member, I hope I can  help other students who need support. I'm incredibly excited to get involved with campaigns and events and I hope my contribution will mak​​e a difference!"​

​Hey I'm Connaire, an undergraduate student in my placement year. I'm currently working as a student researcher in Weymouth but this won't stop me from getting out and about around campus when I can! When I am unable to however I will be working in the Support Zone to make sure that each and every student can access support when they need it whether they be an undergrad, postgrad or placement student.


When I'm not working in my placement or volunteering with the Support Zone more often than not I'm hiking, bowling or tinkering with my computer :P ​

​​Coming Soon!​

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