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Nightline is a listening service for students, run by trained student volunteers. You can call us to talk about any problem, ask a few questions or get something off your chest. Nightline is confidential and anonymous; you don't have to tell us anything about yourself, not even your name, and the content of the call never leaves Nightline.

You can talk to us about any problem, big or small, in complete confidence. We aren't here to judge or advise you, just to listen and support you through whatever it is you're going through. Nightline volunteers are all current Surrey students who have gone through extensive training to be able to support you.

Here are some examples of when you might want to call Nightline:

·         Lonely or Homesick

·         Stressed

·         Can't sleep

·         Have a few questions about your University

·         Need a taxi number

·         Walking home alone at night

·         Relationship troubles

·         Been through a traumatic experience

·         Struggling with an addiction

·         Having suicidal thoughts

·         Feeling like you have nobody to talk to

·         Any problem, no matter how serious or small


Nightline is there for YOU

We're open from 7pm - 7am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights during term time.


Confidential | Anonymous | Non-judgmental | Non-advisory | Non-directive

We'll listen, not lecture.

For general enquiries please email ussu.nightline@surrey.ac.uk

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