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Upcoming Workshops

November 1st, Tuesday; 81MS02, 6:30PM+
Slam Poetry/Spoken Word Workshop

A session to introduce our members - or newcomers - to the wonderful world of slam poetry. We'll be watching a few slam poetry recordings, getting inspiration to write our own, and even have a guest in from Theatre Soc to give us tips on the performance aspects of the medium!

November 15th, Tuesday; 81MS02, 6:30PM+
"Who's Your Character?" Workshop

For this character-building workshop, we'll be trying to create characters of our own from scratch. This will include not only how your character looks, but also their traits, personalities, and how they interact with others. Need help getting to grips with who your characters are?​

November 29th, Tuesday; 81MS02, 6:30PM+
Feedback Workshop

Having trouble with a certain piece of writing that you just can't seem to figure out? Have you hit the brick wall? Bring in some troublesome writing that you'd like to share/discuss, as we'll be having a session entirely focused on constructive feedback to get you back on track with your creative process.

 ​December 13th, Tuesday; 81MS02, 6:30PM+

 Festive Workshop

For the final week before the Christmas holidays, we'll be having a fun, chill, festive session - so be sure to come along.

​All the activities in this workshop will be Christmas, as well as writing, related to get you in the mood for the holidays!

Want to attend a workshop on something specific? Let us know and we'll see what we can do for you!

​Email us @ ​​ussu.surreywriters@surrey.ac.uk



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