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Be a Surrey Writer​​

We don't focus on any particular form of writing, just anybody who likes to write! 

Prose, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, script, short stories, articles, columns, journalism, twitter fiction, flash fiction - the list is endless!  


SWS is a society which aims to create a community for the writers of Surrey and make our university proud of its creative students! 

We're keen to keep the community going with regular meet ups and nights out; SWS wants to help its members get a head start in their careers and provide an environment in which members can express themselves outside the lecture theatres and seminar rooms. Even if you're not interested in writing as a career, come along to one of our meet ups, we promise we won't disappoint!  


Meet The Committee!​ 


 (From left to right).

Skye Foster, President. 

Megan Wilson, Vice President. 

Georgia Pridden, Treasurer. 

Joe Wilcock, Marketing and Events.​

Nick Duffy, Marketing and Events.​

If you spot any of us around campus feel free to say hi!


What you can expect from us in 2015-2016!

We will be running regular workshops during which you will be able to bring in your work to read out. There will also be writing prompts in preparation for each week. But don't worry if you're nervous about reading out your work! This is a friendly and supportive community environment. There is no pressure to read out your work so don't let that put you off coming along and joining in the fun!

There will also be the opportunity to be published in our annual society Yearbook!

Other things to get involved with include:

Halloween Event

Open Mic Nights and Poetry Slams




Come and find us at Fresher's Fayre and sign up!

Don't forget, 

​Surrey Writer's is YOUR society. We work for you, to create the type of society you are proud to be a part of. If you have any ideas, no matter how small (or big!) for events or support, then please let us know! 


We look forward to hearing from you.​


​Get In touch! We don't bite.

Email: ussu.surreywriters@surrey.ac.uk​

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/surreywriterssoc?fref=ts​​​

 Be a Surrey Writer!

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