Welcome to the Stag Radio website


​Who are our members?

Our members are students at the University of Surrey, just like you. We volunteer alongside our studies to run Stag Radio, so that means we have to fulfill all of the functions of a regular radio station in our free time. 

​What do our members do?

Running a radio station requires a lot of different skills. First and foremost, we need presenters. They are the back bone of the station, providing content for us to broadcast. Alongside that though, we need technical experts to look after our kit, DJs to represent us at events, producers to support presenters in their shows, journalists to run our news output, music lovers to create our playlist and design gurus to help us with branding and marketing. Some members get involved with one thing, some get involved with everything!​

I've got no experience of radio. Is there a place for me at Stag Radio?

​​The short answer is, YES! Our members have a range of backgrounds, a range of levels of previous experience and represent the entire student body. We offer training and development led by our committee across all areas that we work. There is only one prerequisite; you have to be keen to get involved! 

Okay, you've got me, I want to know more. How do I get involved?

Click here​ to visit our committee page and find out how to contact the people that run the station.