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Meet the Committee


Lewis Tremlin 2nd Year-Sept 2015


Heading up the committee and in charge of keeping everything running smoothly. He gets to attend lots of lovely meetings. Apart from scheming events for the society he's also boson on the Uni sailing club and Army Reservist.

Email president@parasoc.com

 Vice President

​Emma Buckland 2nd Year-Sept 2015


Supports the president by focusing on our aims, objectives and commitments for the year. In addition to being his main wing-woman and flatmate she also creates him a lot of washing up. Emma's on the Uni swim team too.

Email vp@parasoc.com


Johnny Cash  3rd Year-Sept 2014


Former VP and not the singer of a burning ring of fire its Johnny! He's here to tracks memberships and keeps our finances in order so we can meet our targets for the year. He's also a climber.

Email treasurer@parasoc.com

 Meet the Committee

 Events Co-ordinator & Assistant

​Phil Jennings 3rd Year-Sept 2014


Running and organisning all of our events, guest speakers and CPD days. He's a reliable guy, we hope!

And so busy he's got an assistant!


Oliver Ketch 2nd Year-Sept 2015


Assisting Phil with his role Oli is our little helper! He used to sport an awful chin strap beard until too many patients thought he was Amish. When Oli's not helping out he's annoying Lewis on exercise as he's also an Amry Reservist.

 Social Secretaries

Uping the anti this year with two Social Secs!


Harrie Ashman 3rd Year-Sept 2014

Sam Smedley 2nd Year-Sept 2015


As a unit Harrie and Sam creat great socials for the soceity with lashings of deals on entry and drinks. Sam works as a HCA and volunteers for St John's in his spare time. Harrie works in a bar as she can't bare to be far from good drink!