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 About us








MedSoc represents students of the faculty of health and medical sciences and all students across the University with an interest in the medical insdutry. Our aim is to provide you with the best University experience imaginable and at the same time ensure you're equipped with the best skills possible to usher you in the medical industry. The society is open to all students, not only  those that are planning on studying medicine. Students from paramedic science, nurisng and all fields in the health sector are welcome. 


Throughout the year we organise numerous social events and networking events which give you the  opportunity to meet people interested in healthcare, as well as having events such as.

- The Fresher's Bar Crawl

- Job open day at Royal Surrey County Hospital

-  Talks at the Royal Society Of Medicine

+ Many more events to be announced!

+ Exclusive member benefits  first notice of job vacancy at the royal surrey hospital.

As well as putting on socials, we realise that it is important to also gain practical skills in addition to your degree. The business world is very competitive and we want to provide you with all the essentials and more required to land your perfect placement or grad scheme beyond. Throughout the year we have planned:

- Networking events

- Guest speakers from a range od feilds in the medical sectors.

- Interview, CV Writting , UKCAT Test workshops​

We are also here to support you with your studies, especially Freshers! We have all been through it and so can provide you with all the advice and help you need to make sure you make your first year is as enjoyable as possible. We're always available to support you at ussu.medsoc@surrey.ac.uk.

If your interested in our society then sign up to become a member now!