Welcome to the University of Surrey's Arabic Society website. As a society, we are dedicated to providing an eventful, caring, informative Arabic community during your years in University. 
Our aim this year is to host a range of different events from hosting ​​​           ​ambassadors and officials of Arab countries to organizing club nights in Rubix, Arabic dinner nights, movie nights, and last but not least organizing football leagues! 

Once you become a member of the Arabic society you become enrolled in our data base and will be informed of all upcoming related events. 

To stay up to date check your emails regulary and our facebook page on: 
Arabic Society - University of Surrey

​And find us on instagram at: @arabsoc_surrey

Committee Members:


1. Majed Alhindi (President) 
2. Omar Ebeid (Vice-President)
3. Abdulmajeed Alasmari ​(Treasurer)
4. Abdulrhman Alharbi (Events officer)
5. Mahmoud Al-Sharafi (Sports officer)
6. Khaled Zarei (Secretary)

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our social events. P​​
lease do not hesitate to contact us on


Arabic Society