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USGC has access to a wide range of gliders for all sorts of flying.

Lasham Gliders

As members of Lasham, you'll have access to the full Lasham fleet. See our page on Lasham for details.

Youth Group Gliders

We have an insurance share in the single-seater Juliet, to help take pilots from early solo all the way to cross country and beyond.

If you want to fly Juliet, please contact the committee so it can be organized with the Youth Group.

 Astir "Juliet"

Grob G102 Astir DPJ "Juliet" is a single seat glass fibre glider. It is the single seat version of the G103, which in turn has very similar characteristics to the K21 training gliders at Lasham.

Unlike Lasham's SH8 and SH9, DPJ has retractable landing gear for added performance. It's an ideal glider for first cross countries and easily do a 300km flight on a good day.

For badge claims and the University Ladder, USGC has a logger. See our equipment page for details.

This glider can be used for competitions by arrangement with the Youth Group. Please contact the committee so negotiations can be made if this is of interest.

Minimum flying requirements

We follow the same flying procedures as the Youth Group as we are on the same insurance policy.

Minimum requirements only apply when meteorological conditions are mild and pilot is known to authorising instructor. In all other circumstances, requirements may be increased and/or checkflights required.

Local Flying

10 Flights in K21

5 Flights in Grob102 or similar.

Authorisation from Colin Watt and USGC committee

Pre-flight briefing from Lasham instructor before 1st flight.

Cross Country 

As for Local Flying plus

5 local flights in DPJ

3 hours total flight time in DPJ

Observed spot landing

Bronze C with Cross Country endorsement

Briefing with Lasham Instructor before each  cross country flight until Silver 50km completed.


​Gross Weight
​350kg (450kg with water ballast)
​Stall Speed
​32 kts
​VNE​135 kts
​Maximum Glide Ratio
​38 at 56 kts
​Rate of Sink
​122 ft/min at 42 kts