​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We enter a variety of competitions each year in several different disciplines including white water racing, canoe polo and slalom. To find out more about the different ways we compete in BUCS click on the logo to the right.


This page is for paying for regional polo tournaments and any competitions away! If you are going on an event in the list, please pay using the link for that trip to ensure your name gets on the trip list - please check the trip list after you have paid to check it has gone through. For regional one day tournaments, use the variable amount payment option at the top of the page, using the amount you are asked for in the Facebook event. If you want to know more about any events, join the Canoe club members Facebook group here, the Polo specific group here and the ladies polo group here.

​Polo Regional Tournaments

Paying for one day polo tournaments

Pay here if you are attending a one day tournament that is not listed below and have been asked to pay a specific amount by the organiser. Please don't pay for multiple items at once (unless you have been asked to do so) as it makes it difficult to track payments.

Amount :
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​Competitions 2016-17

Paddlington Polo Tournament
Polo competition - 21-23rd October 2016 - Polo Team Only

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BUCS Wild Water Competition
White Water Racing - 18-20th November 2016 - All Abilities Welcome
BUCS Wildwater
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​​Cardiff Polo Tournament
Polo competition - 17-19th March 2017 - All Abilities Welcome
Cardiff Polo Tournament
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​​BUCs Polo Tournament
Polo competition - 28-30th April 2017 - Please join the event on Facebook first!
BUCs Polo
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London international polo tournament
Polo competition - 28th - 29th July​ 2017
London polo tournament
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