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The lead representative on all student issues

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This is the only full-time Sabbatical officer that is also a member of University Council, the governing body for the University. This means that the President is the number 1 student representative amongst senior members of staff within the University, and the link between the University and the Union. This officer, as well as the Vice-Presidents, sits on various committees within the University to ensure that the student experience is kept in mind at all times by the University. The President also works closely with the CEO to ensure that the Union is working effectively as an organisation overall.

Full-time Officers, Part-time Officers, & Union Zones

The Union is split into four zones; Voice, Activity, Support, and Community, and each zone is led by a full time officer that is a Vice-President and Trustee of the Union. Trustees have responsibility for the direction and for overseeing the Students' Union, and the President as the Chair of the Board of Trustees, is line manager to the Vice-Presidents, and the Students' Union's Chief Executive Office (CEO).

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President: ussu.president@surrey.ac.uk

If you have an issue that needs to be taken higher in the University then your VP Voice needs to hear about it. Get in touch here.

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