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The vehicles​ are used by many people, and their use has to be carefully monitored to ensure the legality of our insurance and the driver's licence. Therefore we have a system to deter misuse, and recover costs incurred by improper use.

Fines Procedure
When a finable situation is noted to/by the Union Reception, the Union Receptionist will contact the hirer asking for an explanation. The reply will then be assessed as soon as possible by members of the Transport Committee. In the meantime, you will not be able to hire a Vehicle. The Transport Committee will then decide whether or not to serve a fine. Those concerned will then be notified via an email from the Union Receptionist as to the decision. Where a fine is served, the money will be withdrawn from the hirer's own funds, or an invoice generated (where the fines allow for this - some fines incur a total ban). 

Appealing against a fine
If groups or individuals do not agree with the decision of the Transport Committee regarding fines, then they are welcome to produce a written appeal against the  decision and present it to Caroline Royle.

Fines for Vehicle Offences (this list is a guideline, and not exhaustive)

​Offence​Fine to hirer for 1st Offence​Fine to hirer for 2nd Offence​​Driver's status
​Accident, resulting in insurance claim where driver's own fault​Up to £250 + driver's personal excess​ ​Up to £250 + driver's personal excess​​Suspended pending retest
​Unnecessary tampering with, soiling or damaging vehicle inventory, or leaving vehicles dirty or with rubbish​Cost to put right (minimum £25)​ ​Cost to put right (minimum £45)​​-
​Damage caused by travel through poor or unsuitable​ terrain​ Cost to put right (minimum £25)​ ​Cost to put right (minimum £45)​​​Ban (for second offence)​
​Smoking/Drinking on vehicles, or evidence of such​£25​£45​-
​Speeding (on or off campus)​Cost of ticket or £25​ Cost of ticket or £25​ ​​Ban (for second offence)​
​Failure to use vehicle for a booking​£20​£20​-
​Late return of vehicle or keys without extenuating circumstances​£20​£20​-
​Parking/Congestion/etc tickets/fines​ ​Cost of ticket/fine​ ​Cost of ticket /fine​-
​Returning with less that 1/4 tank of fuel​£25​£45​-
​Filling up with incorrect fuel​ Cost to put right (minimum £25)​ Cost to put right (minimum £25)​ Ban (for second offence)​
​Failure to park vehicle correctly in either approved carpark​£10£10​-​
​Failure to disclose points or insurance claim whilst on Union insurance​--​​Ban
​Use of mobile phone whilst driving​£25​£25​Union Disciplinary (Ban for second offence)
​Recovery cost as a result of fault of hirer​Up to cost​Up to cost-​

Lost key / any item of vehicle ​invent​ory

​ Cost to put right (minimum £25)​ Cost to put right (minimum £45)​-
​Failure to properly record all relevant information in the Log Book​J25​J25