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Trailer Test Syllubus

The trailer test should be conducted by an experienced towing driver within the club/society in which the new driver wishes to tow.

The test should include, but is not limited to:
  1. Setting up the trailer, and testing the systems (lights, number plates, brakes, etc)
  2. Reversing, both straight and around junctions
  3. Driving on a dual carriageway
  4. Driving in crowded suburban roads, with obsticalls such as parked vehicles
  5. Driving in town, including tight junctions
  6. Driving on narrow country lanes
Training and practice should also be offered as part of the test experience.

Union Reception should be informed of a successful test by the experienced driver.

Please remember to be vigerous in this self testing system. Any damage caused will be charged to the hirer (the club/society).