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​​The Students'​' Union operates seven vehicles of various types, each with a different number of seats, luggage space, and accessories. The table below highlights the key features of each vehicle, which should be noted before section of a vehicle for a journey, to ensure its usefulness. We do not operate a vehicle with wheelchair user compatibility, but if you require one, we can hire one in - please contact Union Reception (ussu.information@surrey.ac.uk).

If you wish to drive any of these vehicles, you must be a Union driver. To become one, have a look at Becoming a driver​.

To book a vehicle please visit the Booking a vehicle page.

​Registration​Vehicle Class​Number of SeatsDriver Class Required​​Allowable mass per seat​Luggage Space?​Roof Rack?​Tow Bar? See Towing​
​ET12 TBYCar​5​Car (1) or Van (2) or Minibus (3)​100Kg​Yes​No​Yes (1.4t MAM)
AY62 XLJ​9 Seat MPV​9​ Van (2) or Minibus (3)​100Kg​Yes​Yes (100Kg Max)Yes (​2.2t MAM)
​AV62 SZF9 Seat MPV​9​ Van (2) or Minibus (3)​100KgYes​​Yes (100Kg Max)Yes (​2.2t MAM)
​BP64 AZT9 Seat MPV​9Van (2) or Minibus (3)​​Yes
​RO60 EOU9 Seat Split Van​9Van (2) or Minibus (3) ​>100Kg​Yes​Yes​ (100Kg Max)​Yes (2.0t MAM)
​AY62 XLHVan​3Van (2) or Minibus (3) ​​>100KgYes​Yes​ (100Kg Max)No​
AY62 XJL​Minibus​14​ Minibus (3) ​75Kg​No​No​No​
​AV62 WZNMinibus​14​ Minibus (3) ​​​75Kg​NoNo​​No
Each Vehicle comes as standard with:
Electric Mirrors
Electric Windows
Reversing Beeper (excluding the car)
Wheel change kit
Euro-plates (i.e. GB sticker)

Each vehicle also has a standard list of equipment, which should be checked before each use:
Hi-Vis jacket*
Warning Triangle*
Vehicle Handbook
First Aid Kit
Plaster Kit
Fire Extinguisher*
De-icer & scraper
De-misting cloth
Spare Screen Wash ​
Dustpan and brush

Extra items are added for when Going Abroad

The vehicles are checked for damage and faults as per our Maintenance Schedule
Please read our Safe driving guide​ as some road laws may be different to normal due to the large weight and number of passengers our vehicles can carry.

*These items are provided with the vehicle by Lex