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All the Students' Union Vehicles are booked
​You have the option, if there are no available Students' Union vehicles available, to hire one in from a hire company. If you wish to do this, you will be charged the cost from the hire company (i.e. not our mileage rate), and you will have to pay for the fuel as well.

We can help by:
  • Recomending a local company who gives us a discount (Kendall Cars)
  • Putting the vehicle on our insurance, thus removing hire company age restrictions
  • Providing you with Small Bus Permits and logbook
  • Paying the hire company on your behalf and charging the cost from your own funds account
If you are interested in hiring a vehicle in such a way, please contact ussu.transport@surrey.ac.uk

​If your vehicle is hired from a local hire company 
You will need to collect a hire log book from Union Reception, as this will contain your small bus permit without which you are not allowed to drive a minibus. The small Bus Permit Disc must be displayed in the windscreen. It is also important that union reception is aware of your journey in case of any problems.

Differences to hired vehicles to Students' Union vehicles
The following differences should be noted about hired vehicles
  • You should expect to collect and return the vehicle from the hire company direct, unless instructed otherwise
  • You will require your driving licence to collect the vehicle
  • Breakdown cover will be provided by the hire company, not through the Union
  • You will need to collect a logbook from the Students' Union
  • There will be no fuel card, so your club/society will have to cover this themselfs, or, if the vehicle was provided by the Students' Union, and you are paying the usual mileage rate, your fuel will be refunded as per the instructions here