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All of the student union vehicles take Diesel fuel. If you put in the wrong fuel, the hirer will be charged the cost to put it right. If you put the wrong fuel in the vehicle do not drive it and phone the current recovery company!

The nearest petrol stations to the University of Surrey are the 24-hour garages (Shell, Esso) at Ladymead Road, Guildford, or on Aldershot Road, Guildford.

Each vehicle has a fuel-card attached to the keys. These can be used at any Shell, BP garage, and most supermarket garage (i.e. any garage displaying the 'All-Star' logo. When paying with a fuel-card you may be asked for the vehicle registration, current millage and/or card PIN. These can all be found in the vehicle Logbook. 

If the vehicle does not have a fuel-card (i.e. a hire vehicle), please make sure that you have enough money when you begin your travel to cover the cost for your journey. To reclaim the fuel cost, please always ask for a VAT receipt when you buy fuel, and take these to the Students' Union Membership Services Finance Office (behind Union Reception) on your return (11:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday) to get a refund for the money. 

Always return a bus with at least a quarter of a tank of fuel. It is unfair on the next user to make detours to a petrol station if the Minibus is returned nearly empty. Also, ‘Running dry’ a Minibus causes damage and costs a considerable amount of time and money to restore. Returning the vehicle with low (below 1/4) fuel is finable to the hirer.

See information about going abroad here.


All of the student union vehicles are fitted with a system designed to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. In addition to Diesel fuel, they have a second tank which contains AdBlue. A full tank of AdBlue should last at least 10,000 miles, but the vehicle will warn you when it is running low by displaying a message on the dashboard.

Running out of AdBlue will not damage the vehicle, but the engine will not start again once it is switched off and while driving it may limit itself to a slow speed. It is therefore important to refill AdBlue when it is running low just as with your fuel.

AdBlue can be purchased from most fuel stations in 5 or 10 litre containers (The size of the tank in the vehicles is about 20 litres) and this can be paid for on the vehicle's fuel card.  Use the included nozzle or a funnel to pour the contents of the container into the AdBlue tank with the BLUE cap (usually underneath the fuel cap). If you put AdBlue in the vehicle's fuel tank do not drive it and phone the current recovery company!

All of the student union vehicles meet the Euro 6 Exhaust Emission Regulations and can be driven for no charge in London's Low or Ultra Low Emission Zone.

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