Wednesday 15th February 2012
 From 8.00am Wednesday 15th February - 8.00am Thursday 16th February
you can 'follow' your Students' Union on Twitter to find out what it is we do to enhance
your student experience.


New to Twitter? Not sure how to get involved? Have a look at our USSU24 Guide for Students


USSU24 Student Guide to Twitter 2012.pdfUSSU24 Student Guide to Twitter 2012.pdf

All full-time members of staff, Sabbatical officers and part-time officers will be 'tweeting' every activity they complete
 to build a picture of what they do on a day-to-day basis. We will also be posting pictures and video of events on that day.

You can follow us on under the following accounts :

Sabbaticals and part time officers will be using the following hashtags (#) to identify their posts:
President - #unionpresident
VP Education - #vpeducation
VP Welfare - #vpwelfare
VP Societies - #vpsocieties
VP Sports - #vpsports
Part-Time Officers
Union Chairperson - #unionchair
International Student Developement Officer - #intofficer
Communications Officer - #commsofficer
Ethics and Environment Officer - #envirofficer
Events and Trading Officer - #eventsofficer
Community Officer - #communityofficer
Postgraduate Development Officer - #postgradofficer
Equality and Diversity Officer - #diverseofficer