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​Opening Times

​9:00AM - 5:30PM (Monday - Friday)

Rubix, Teas and Tees, Young's Kitchen and other facilities have their own opening times that may differ

The University has a shutdown period over Christmas and Easter where the entire University (including the Students' Union) is shut. For more details see here -







This email address is only monitored during our normal opening hours


01483 689 223 or internally on 9223​​​​​

In an out of hours emergency please contact University Security Services on 01483 682002​​


No longer available

Postal Address

Union House, University of Surrey, Stag Hill, Guildford, GU2 7XH​​​

Latitude and Longitude

51.242076, -0.586307

GPS Location

51° 14' 31.4736'' N 0° 35' 10.7052'' W

Carrier pigeons or Telegrams no longer accepted.

Visitors to Union House should be aware that it is built over five dimensions and therefore defies mapping. You may enter Union House via one of six 'portals' which are specially designed to take you where you do not want to be. Please be aware that one entrance occasionally malfunctions and you may enter the building in 1986.