The Annual Members Meeting

The AMM is what most people would normally call an AGM, an Annual General Meeting. The reason our annual general meeting is called an annual members meeting ​is because there is another meeting outlined in the core constitution called the General Meeting. This is a general meeting held under Company Law - and is very different from an Annual General Meeting. Indeed, many students have read the core constitution and come across the section describing the company law general meeting and got confused.

The company law general meeting is in practice only an imaginary meeting - it is the committee equivalent of the square root of minus one, it only exists on paper and will never actually exist in real life. You may think this is pointless, however, it is part of the Companies Act - and so, as a limited company, it has to be in there. It may be imaginary, but it is legal.

The AMM (Or AGM, if you prefer) deals with a lot of the items from the Education Act, and the code of practice - like affiliations. It is a practical and fun meeting which you should come along to, and you can see all the paperwork from our previous AMM's here

So, you can happily interchange the terms AGM and AMM as long as you never think it is a CLGM.