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​​​​​​Course Reps

What are Course Reps?

Course Reps are students elected by their peers to represent them and speak on their behalf to the University. Reps gather feedback from the student body about what does and doesn't work well in their course, and raise these issues with University staff.

This collaboration between the University, Students' Union, and the student body enhances the student experience at Surrey. If you want to learn more about how Course Reps can help you, or are interested in becoming a Course Rep, please watch our explainer video below.

​"Course Reps are the driving force behind improving programmes at Surrey and so much more. Course Reps are responsible for collecting feedback and working with the Union and University to see change happen. Last year, Reps helped add more facilities across campus, improve assessment timing, and ensure access to key study spaces. Now's your chance to make this year even better!"

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Course Rep Resources

If you're interested in becoming a Rep, or if you're already elected and looking for resources, see more below! 


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Administrative Staff only: Click here to upload new Course Reps to the Students' Union database