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​Anna Ouston

Anna is a 2nd year Politics and Sociology student. Anna decided to run in the Voice Zone, because she really wants to make a difference to peoples' lives. There are a lot of things she wants to achieve in her time in the zone, for instance she wants to encourage participation in the Surrey Decides process; and she want to help students to become more aware of, and active in wider politics. Anna's main passion is representation, and giving a voice to those who feel as if they don't have one. Anna's interests include chatting about politics, blogging, writing poetry and fiction, and playing her pink ukulele.

​Natasha Ivory

Natasha ran for a position on the Voice Zone as she has been involved with the Union for past two years and wanted to take a larger role.  Natasha knows lots of people who have ideas, or thoughts and opinions, but who don't know they can make a difference. Some of her main aims this year include encouraging more students through our front doors into the Union, putting on 'tea and talk' sessions for students to talk over issues or ideas with Union staff, and continuing some of the initiatives from previous years, such as improved feedback to the student body.  Natasha is a final year Biochemistry student, a coach for the Trampolining club and a committee member of the Ballroom & Latin club. 

​Amaad Alam

Amaad is an international student from India. He likes to describe himself as a friendly approachable person, who loves solving problems for others. Amaad decided to run for the voice zone because he was President of the Islamic Society last year, and noticed that Muslims and most international students aren't as involved as they could be. Amaad wants to be that bridge for international and Muslim students in the University so that they can better use the services provided by the Union, and Amaad will do everything he can to make the student experience at Surrey better.


​Hannah Androulaki Khan

 Hannah is a third year Law with International Studies student who ran for the Voice Zone Committee because she wanted to put her ideas for change into action. One of her goals is to increase awareness of external factors that affect students including racism, political changes and discrimination. Another goal is driven by her passion for debating, Hannah wants the Union to host more debates to be more aware of student's opinions and interests. Hannah is of Greek and Pakistani descent and speaks fluent Greek. Her interests include reading, blogging, swimming, travelling and writing short stories.

​Megan Harris

Megan is a Bmus Music Student, who has a passion for making a difference to different people's lives, talking specifically about allowing students to have a voice at University. Megan's key idea is the importance of students on placement and allowing them to feel more involved with the University at the same time as being away. While being a member of the Voice Zone this year, Megan will also be on placement at the English National Opera. Megan wants to help students not on campus to still feel part of the University, and for them not feel any disinterest in the wonderful facilities specifically in the Student Union.


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