Thanks for taking the first step in getting more involved in your Union by reading this nomination guide. This year the elections took place throughout May, and three part time exec positions were not filled. We are now running another election for these positions and we would like as many as possible to get involved, either as candidates or supporting candidates.


Campaigning for an election is a unique experience, and will give you valuable skills that you will need in later life, think of an election campaign like a job interview where there are 16,000 members on the interview panel. Campaigning can also be a stressful experience, you are in essence entering in a popularity contest, and you must be prepared for the fact that some people are not going find you popular; you will also find out who your friends really are ...
Becoming a member of the Union Executive is a big commitment, not just in terms of time, but physically and emotionally as well, please be aware of this when standing.
Nominations must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 14th October  2011. It is a good idea to return them before hand if you can in case there is a mistake; remember your proposers can only propose one candidate and must be a full member of the Student Union.

Campaign Finance

You can spend up to £50 on your election campaign, of which you will get £25 back providing you produce appropriate receipts. You will have to complete an expenses form at the end of the campaign to show what you have spent the money on and submit it before the votes are counted. If in the opinion of the returning officer, it appears that you have spent more than £50 on your election campaign you may be excluded from the election.

Submitting your manifesto

Your manifesto will be published in print and online by the Students’ Union. Please supply it in the following electronic format
·         A4 Landscape
·         Microsoft Word document or Adobe PDF
Your manifesto may be in full colour if you wish, but it may appear in some print form in grey scale, so make sure it looks acceptable printed out in both formats. You can submit a colour and grey version if you wish as long as the content is identical.
You must also supply a signed printed copy of your manifesto, along with your nomination form.

Voting picture

The voting website allows for a small thumbnail picture of each candidate. If you wish to include one, please submit a jpg image electronically (e-mailed to the returning officer is fine). Don’t choose a complex or large photo as it appears the size of a postage stamp on the ballot form.

Election Timetable & Checklist

1)      Submit the form and your manifesto  by noon on Friday 14th October
2)      Come to the candidates briefing at 1pm on Friday  14th October
3)      Come to Question Time (with all your friends) on Monday 24th October
4)      Voting Opens at midnight on Tuesday 25th October and closes at 5pm on Friday October 28th
5)      Submit your election expenses (even if they are nil) by noon on Friday 28h October
6)      Voting closes at 5pm and results are declared at  in Chancellors on Friday 28th Oc
8)      Your term of office begins on Monday 31st October
If you fail to meet any of the deadlines in points 1,2 or 5 you may be excluded from the election