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Hey, the name is Ola. I am currently a 3rd Year Aerospace Engineering student I am also part of the men’s football team and a member of ACS. I have had a pleasant time so far at the university, however I believe that there is more that could be done to further enhance student experience.

Student VOICE is the initial stage for getting all ideas out, this platform gives students the perfect opportunity to have a say on whatsoever may be bothering them and ideas that may further help students experience hence student satisfaction. I believe there are many ways of communicating ideas and I will be focusing on implementing new ways of expressing your VOICE to enhance student communication, experience and ideas.

I am Looking forward to working closely with students to truly understand the issues ALL students are facing while fully committed to achieving all points stated within my manifesto.

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My Manifesto


Development of Imagination

  • Ensure that students begin to use their knowledge in practical ways to develop their imagination within their course

  • Push lecturers to give students ideas of how a specific course may be used in real life, giving students the opportunity to apply the knowledge themselves.


  • Work closely with the Course Reps to ensure changes wanted by students are pushed

  • Involvement between other cohorts to help diversify knowledge and help Course Reps identify issues facing all cohorts


  • Get students engaged more in their own subject to ensure they have a distinguishing understanding in their profession

  • Blogs specific to each cohort to be sent out to students to help them remain aware of changes occurring in their specialisation


You can download my manifesto here: Babayeju Toyosi Voice Zone.pdf

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