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Joel Weller


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Hi! I'm Joel Weller, and I am an English Literature with Creative Writing student in my third year.

I am the current Social Media Manager for The Stag; previously, I was the Social Media Manager for Literature Society. I decided to participate in Surrey Decides after becoming more involved with the University: organizing a Black History Month event (LitSoc and ACS), being the first guest curator for our University's Library in 2018 and having many coursemates eager to report student current affairs via The Stag.  

Through my time as a Voice Zone officer I hope to improve the engagement of our services and the SU with the rest of the university in order to encourage students to have their say, help collaborations between Surrey and the Southern Unions Network, and utilise new ways of promoting different communities at Surrey throughout the year.

Feel free to come and chat to me!

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My Manifesto


Push for more of the University's services to be utilized through SurreyLearn:

  • Expand the SU’s visibility to SurreyLearn’s homepage; advertise when Exec meetings are happening to increase student engagement with the SU
  • Promote SPLASH further to increase awareness of their helpful services

  • Inform students of the online information and video-based content that we have access to that can be used for our own study

Increased representation on campus:

  • Implement events ( i.e. panels and inviting guest speakers) across the year that reflect the identities of Liberation Committee members 

  • Propose to work alongside Stag Medias to encourage coverage on seasonal events that the SU celebrates (i.e. One World Week, Black/LGBT History Month)

Branching outside our SU:

Liaise with organisations such as The Southern Unions Network to combat issues that affect us as students

You can download my manifesto here: Weller Joel Voice Zone.pdf

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