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12 December 2019

Parliament has called for a General Election to take place this December so now's your chance to make sure you're an informed voter. General Elections are where individuals elect MPs who will be representing them in Parliament and law-making in Westminster. Voting is open to British, Irish, and qualifying Commonwealth citizens who will be 18 or older on 12th December but you must first be registered to vote. If you want to know more about the election, the BBC has put together its really simple guide

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Where Can I Vote?

Students are eligible to register to vote at two addresses - so you can register at your home address and a term-time address (if different). In a General Election, you must only vote once, but you can choose whether to vote in Guildford or your home address if that's in a different constituency. 

If you want to vote in your home constituency, you must apply for a postal vote

Who's Standing?

At time of writing, Guildford has the following candidates registered:

  • Zöe Louise Franklin - Liberal Democrats

  • Anne Frances Milton - Independent

  • John Hugh Morris - The Peace Part - Non-violence, Justice, Environment

  • Angela Joy Richardson - The Conservative Party Candidate

  • Anne Catherine Rouse - Labour Party

Names and party description reproduced from Guildford Borough Council

For candidates that are running as part of a political party, you may also find party manifestos available online. If you're new to politics and want to get an idea of which party aligns best with your views, you can use tools like I Side With - but be aware that this can only provide an indication and will not represent independent candidates (those who are not running under a particular party). 

You can also find coverage of what the General Election means for Surrey in various outlets, including SurreyLive's summary of 5 seats to watch

Meet the Candidates

Earlier this month, Politics Society invited all Guildford candidates to a debate - here's the stream for those who may have missed it:



Where To Find Results

After polling closes on 12 December, media typically report on 'exit polls', which are projections of how the Country voted but the final results will only be available after the counting has been concluded and verified if necessary. To view the results of the General Election and previous elections in Guildford, you can visit the Guildford Borough Council website below:

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