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AGM Guidence for Officers​

During this unique year, there is a greater chance of AGMs encountering problems.  We want to make sure we give clubs and societies every chance to continue after all the difficulties of the year.

Below is a guide to what you should advise as an officer if the following occurs:

There are less than 10 students attending the AGM (not including you):

You should start by asking the members who are currently there if they can contact any other students and send them the link to join the meeting.  The links to join all the AGMs are on the AGM information site here:  Give the club or society a few minutes to achieve this.  If they have not achieved this after a ten minute wait, ask the club or society whether there are three people in attendance who want to run for the three signatory positions.  If there are, the AGM can continue. 

The club or society cannot present 3 candidates for signatory roles:

If the club or society cannot present 3 students to run for the 3 signatory roles that are required, please ask them how many they can present.  If they can present 2, the AGM can still be valid. 

If any of the society's current signatories are continuing students who will still be at Surrey next year, and the rest of the members present agree, these students can roll over into the next year as the signatories to avoid the club or society going dormant. 

If the club or society cannot present at least 2 students to be elected as signatory, and the current signatories cannot roll over into next year, then the AGM counts as a failed AGM which makes the club or society dormant. 

Please inform the VP Voice and Voice Manager if you run an AGM where only two signatories are elected, if signatories have rolled over to the following year, or where the AGM fails, so that we can record how often this is happening.

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