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​The Voice Zone has created the E-Petitions process so that students have an easy way of letting the Union know their ideas of things they would like to see change.  You can log your idea in the list below (you must be logged into the website), and then your fellow students will be able to vote for your idea by pressing the 'like'.  If your idea receives 50 or more 'likes', it will automatically be taken forward to the Union's Executive for debate at their next meeting.  Any students can attend Exec, and you can speak about your idea and see whether its taken forward. 

You can also submit ideas directly to Exec by writing a policy motion, but using the process below will give you an idea of how popular your plan might be with your fellow students.  You can find out more about Exec and when it meets, here. 

Bulldoze Guildford CourtIf you don't know why, go to Guildford Court, knock on a door and ask to be shown round, you will soon understand !313/01/2017
Change the name of 'The Basement' to 'The Dungeon'It is generally agreed by all to whom I have spoken that the basement is a bit of an inadequate name for the living room. Bar staff have referred to the living room as ‘The Dungeon’ since I started university and many agree it would be a more appealing na1930/06/2016
Front Room No Alcohol PolicyWith there already being areas on campus where alcohol can be consumed (e.g. Wates Brothers and Hari's Bar) with alcohol consumption also being allowed in court reception communal areas there is a definite absence of space in which students whom are unco515/09/2016
Graduation PricesThe matter is the fact that we have to pay a fee of £45 to hire (not buy) our graduation robe AND that staff have failed to clearly mention this to students. I do not think it is affordable for students to pay this amount of money for a garment, especiall2215/04/2017
No Assessments in Reading Week This is a petition to ask the University of Surrey to remove all assessments from reading week from the academic year 2017/18 onwards. This is on the basis that those students who have assessments in week 15, are less able to participate in the broad ran6704/12/2016
NUS ReferendumThe current president of the NUS committee has divided students due to recent comments which have been widely considered as extremist, eg the president making accusations that her current university is a Zionist outpost. A referendum should be made by the1930/06/2016
Standardise Printing CreditsThe university should standardise the number of printing credits provided to each student. Presently the system is dependent on the department, some students receive £10, others are given unlimited printing credits. This standardised system must take into2704/12/2016