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Your Sabbatical Team

A ‘Sabb’ is elected by the student body, whilst a student at the University, to represent all Surrey students at the University. The five ‘Sabbs’ are responsible for the daily running of the Students’ Union, and work alongside a dedicated team of permanent staff to make sure that your student experience is the best it can be. The ‘Sabbs’ are accountable to all students as their position is held as a direct result of a democratic process. Their responsibilities are to push for the interests and benefits of students and to lead the student movement forward.

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Supporting the ‘Sabbs’ are several Officers:

The student officers are students who take a specific interest in a particular issue or section of the student population. Most importantly, they are part of a team of representatives and they are here to make sure the Union keeps a high profile around campus, communicates properly with students and takes everyone’s interests into account.

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Full Time Staff 

The Union is also staffed by a dedicated team of permanent employees:

Alan Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer

How can Alan
Campaigning advice and Union Bylaws.


Helen Overfield

Student Support Manager

How can Helen help?
Becoming a Course Rep and any queries relating to the role.

Casework - including: Extenuating circumstances, academic integrity, disciplinary issues, complaints / appeals, fitness to study and fitness to practice.


Alex Tolley

Operations Manager

How can Alex help?
How to get the most out of your sports and society webpages. 

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Rosalie Enriquez

Finance - Maternity Cover

How can Rosalie help?
Club and Society finance questions.


Kath Phillips

Student Voice Manager

How can Kath help?
All academic and welfare related issues, as well as helping you to navigate and understand the Union's processes of democratic decision making.

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​Hannah Jones

Course Rep Coordinator

How can Hannah help?
Any matters relating to Course Reps.

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​Izzy Watkins

Digital Communications Assistant (placement)

How can Izzy help?
How to utilise social media for campaigns, your society or sports club, volunteering (fundraising), etc. 



Debra Rideout

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

How can Debra help?

Student's own funds including control, usage, fundraising.


Jade Johnson

Community Manger

How can Jade help?
Jade can advise on anything that brings students together to meet and socialise. Including, ticket enquires and how to book a Union venue or hold an event.


Ian Lipp

Technical Manager

How can Ian help?
The best sound system for your pre-drinks!

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Ian Handy
Community and Events Coordinator

How can Ian help? 
Community based events on and off campus, Online Ticket Sales, Bar Crawls and Guest List/VIP. and Volunteering.

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​Jodie Barnes

Activities Coordinator

How can Jodie help?
Any matters relating to student activity, and room bookings.


Caroline Royle

Human Resources and Staff Development

How can Caroline help?
Caroline can advise students who already work for the Union on how to progress within the Union and how to better your chances of getting jobs outside the Union.


Lisa Lynch

Communications Manager

How can Lisa help?
How to publicise your event, activity or group. Press release writing and Club and Society logo approvals.


James Lackovic

Venue Manager

How can James help
Questions relating to Union venues such as Hari's Bar, Rubix and The Basement.

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​Kara Nutley

Student Activities Manager

How can Kara help?
Any matters relating to student activity, and it's delivery.

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Julian Frank

Video Content Producer

How can Julian help?
Any matters relating to video production and adverts on the Union's digital screens.

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