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​Is Nightline confidential?

All calls and anything you tell us during a call is confidential within Nightline. This means that we will not talk to anyone outside of Nightline about anything we hear in a call. The only time we would ever break confidentiality is if you expressly ask us to pass on your details to someone; if we receive a court order requiring us to share any information we have; if the call is about terrorism, or if the caller threatens the safety of our volunteers.

Do you record calls?

No we never record calls but they may be listened into by another Nightline volunteer in the office in order to monitor and support the called who is talking to you. They are bound by the same confidentiality practices and will not talk or participate in the call.

Do you keep written information about calls?

We keep generic information about calls, such as the length of call, time, date and general topic of discussion but we would never keep any identifying information, such as names, locations or any specific details. The information we collect is for our own monitoring and evaluation purposes and would only be shared among the University of Surrey.

How much does it cost to call?

 The Nightline number is a freephone number and it won't cost you anything to call us.