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Hi I'm Izzy and I'm a third year studying Medicinal Chemistry currently on placement. Whilst being at Surrey I've been VP of ZenSoc and I am also a publicity ambassador for Nightline.

One of my aims for this year is to push for up to date training for personal tutors with regards to mental health, disabilities and invisible illnesses so every student can go to their tutor and feel supported. I also want to improve support for students on placement. For some people it can be a very daunting experience and they often feel forgotten by the university. 

 Furthermore, I want to continue to improve student wellbeing by running more self help initiatives by working with different societies and organisations like Oakleaf. Also I want to make sure there is a list of all the support services available that is easy to access and continue with the Support Zone awareness campaigns. 

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My Manifesto


Support and Awareness Training for Staff

We need up-to-date and top-up training for lecturers and Personal Tutors when it comes to disabilities, mental health, and invisible illnesses. There needs to be more awareness of different issues and support services so that all students feel supported.

Improve Student Wellbeing Support

Waiting lists for mental health services are long and students may need support during that waiting period and at other times throughout the year. I want to encourage more self-help initiatives and raise awareness of the Big White Wall and ALS workshops to help support students.

Support on Placement

Going on placement can be scary and very stressful. It is easy for some people to become disengaged and have a bad experience. More support needs to be provided for those students who need it and should not be made to feel ashamed to ask for help.


You can download my manifesto here: Ross Izzy Support Zone.pdf


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