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Your Guide to Buying Union Event Tickets

All tickets and wristbands to Union events, including Freshers' Week​ are available to buy online.


Buying tickets couldn't be simpler and the Students' Union works with a company called Tixtu 

to bring you a secure, straightforward, ticket buying experience.


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If you experience any difficulties in buying tickets, please check the FAQ's below. 

If this does not resolve your problem, please email ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk 

stating your Surrey email address.


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FAQ Ticket Questions | FRESHERS  2017


If you are experiencing difficulties buying Freshers' Week wristbands, please DON'T PANIC. 

Please read the FAQ's below, and if you continue to have trouble, email us as ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk 


Q: When do Freshers' 2017 wristbands go on sale?

Wristbands go on sale to just Freshers from midday Monday 21st August 2017 

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Q: How will I know who is performing? 

Please check the Union's Freshers' Facebook page for a full list of acts performing. the final line up will also be posted under the 'Events' tab on the website.

Q: Can I buy individual tickets?

Yes, individual tickets will go on sale to just Freshers, around the second week of September.

Q: How do I buy a wristband/tickets?

Follow the directions above, under 'Ticket Buying Process' and create an account with our ticket site, Tixtu. Make sure you join the University of Surrey Students' Union Group, so it knows you are a Fresher. 


Q: I have bought my ticket how do I get into Rubix?

You will need your campus card or alternative acceptable form of ID, please see our event policies (link event policies). To validate your ticket we will need to scan the QR code that you have been sent this can either be printed out or displayed on your mobile phone, please have your ticket ready when you approach the venue. Each QR is unique, untraceable and can only be scanned once. The QR code is your ticket treat this as you would a tangible ticket.


Q: The error message says 'There has been a small glitch'

This is an error message that comes up when the tickets that you have selected have all been sold out. We are working with tixtu to ensure that we can change that error message.


Q: My payment has been 'cancelled'

Please check that your card details match the details that you are entering into the screen, specifically the three digit number on the back of your card and the address you have supplied needs to be the same as where you card is registered to.


Q: The account isn't registering as a member of the University of Surrey Students Union group

Please ensure that you are supplying your URN, the seven digit number below your name on your campus card/University acceptance letter. Please ensure that you date of birth is supplied in the following format DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 13/08/1992


Q: Can I re-sell my ticket?

Yes you can re-sell your ticket, however it must not be for more than face value, if the Students' Union discovers that an individual has been re-selling then that individual will face disciplinary action and risk their tickets being void.


Q: My account has been charged multiple times

This is likely to occur if you have tried to purchase tickets several times with an incorrect fraud protection details. For example CV2 number, your address or the 3D secure password. Your account will not be charged but it may appear to your bank that they have accepted several payments whilst non have actually been accepted. To check how many tickets you have bought, you at your my tixtu and my history tabs in tixtu.


Q: The tickets are sold out on the website but will there be any more on sale?

No, the tickets have been sold out unless previously advertised that staggered tickets will be used for that event. However customers have ten minutes to completed their transaction on tixtu once they have selected tickets so it is possible that after the ten minutes that those tickets will return online for general sale if they haven't been purchased.


Q: My confirmation email still hasn't been sent how do I know that I have tickets?

You will receive a payment receipt straight after purchasing a ticket, however during times of increased demand it may take up to an hour for the ticket (QR Code) to be generated and sent to you. If you want to check the tickets that you have purchased then click the my history tab.


Q: Can I get a refund?

We will not offer refunds for tickets except in very exceptional circumstances; accidental purchase is not sufficient grounds for a refund. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations (link), event tickets are not subject to a right to cancel; therefore we do not have to offer a refund unless the advertised event has changed significantly.

You may sell re-sell your ticket for no more than face value, please see above.


Still having problems?

If you experience any problems whilst trying to buy tickets, please email ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk

This email will be monitored 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and up to 9pm on a ticketed event.​