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 ​The Community Zone is led by the elected Vice-President Community and is responsible for bringing the student community together, integrating the student community into the local community, and ensuring that there are volunteering opportunities available for all students. This involves taking a lead on the entertainment & social activities on campus, welcoming new students and creating opportunities for students to participate in the local community.​



Saskia Cochrane
VP Community

"My name is Saskia and I am your VP Community for 2016-17. My role as a Vice-President is to represent all students and lead the Community Zone, which is made up of 5 part-time officers.  The focus of this zone is to bring students together. We are responsible for all of the social and community activities that take place at Surrey, including entertainment, welcoming students, fundraising and showcase events such as Colours Ball and Student Awards. A key responsibility of the Community Zone is also to communicate the contribution of students to the local community and also to deal with accommodation issues alongside VP Support."



You can contact

me on:    

​           ussu.vpcommunity@surrey.ac.uk    

01483 689981           




The Zone Committee are part-time volunteers who work on Community Zone projects. Students should contact the VP Community or the Community Zone if they have any ideas or feedback about the entertainment that the Students' Union provides; if they want to find out about volunteering and fundraisi​ng opportunities. They are all working on their own projects too so feel free to contact them.





Nadia Zamba ​

​Sophie Bradbury

​Momo Koubani

​Jadene Doak

​Angel Adjei