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The Activity Zone is led by the elected Vice-President Activity and is responsible for developing new student activities, increasing participation, and ensuring that any student wanting to take part in student activities can do so without any barriers. This involves campaigning for individual development through involvement in sports clubs & societies, taking a lead on promoting our Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, and running activities that students can get involved in.​​​

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VP Activity​
I’m Ali, your VP Activity for 2017-18. It’s my job to lead the Activity Zone in removing barriers to student involvement, facilitating personal development for students and helping you have fun! During the year, the Activity Zone deliver a number of campaigns to help promote student involvement with Activities, as well as help organise events such as Varsity, Colours Ball and Student & Society Awards.

The Activity Zone is here to help students get involved in as many things as possible! 

Check out what sports clubs and societies are on offer at the bottom of this page.


You can contact me on:



01483 683922​​​​​



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​Team Surrey Chair

Alex Hughes

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Societies Exec Chair

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