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How to create a new club/society

 Restarting a Dormant Club or Society

​Dormant Clubs and Societies are groups which used to active but ceased existing. They remain dormant for 18 months and then will be deleted from the system.

If you want to re-activate a dormant club society, it is far easier than starting a new one from scratch.

Please email the VP Activity at ussu.vpactivity@surrey.ac.uk to enquire about the dormant club or society you wish to revive and make active again!

​Dormant Clubs are:

  • none

Dormant Societies as of the 12/01/2018 are:

  • Anti-Capitalist
  • Burlesque
  • English PEN
  • Human Rights Soc
  • Investing
  • Skating
  • Young Greens
  • AMSA
  • Asian
  • Christian Orthodox
  • Do>More
  • Events Society
  • Hazel Farm
  • Lithuanian
  • Mindsoc
  • Nigerian Students Association
  • Portugese Society
  • Teach First
  • Survival
  • Bridge
  • Rounders
  • Conservative