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Hi! I'm Caitlin and I'm on placement at the University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain for a year. I study Biochemistry at Surrey. I am an active member of both Dodgeball and Pole Fitness. I have been on Dodgeball's committee as Women's Captain for 2018/19 and am their new Vice President for 2019/20. My aims for this year include promoting inter-society and sports collaborations; making sure everyone is supported within sports and societies. I also want to highlight the society and sport achievements throughout the year, using the Union's social media presence. My aim is to promote involvement in student activity at the University of Surrey. 

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My Manifesto

Inclusivity and Involvement

My mission is to provide more opportunities for students to engage with Societies throughout the semester.

Some Societies still have a challenge around gender diversity. I want to continue to engage in events such as This Girl Can and Feel Good Feb. I will support societies to run their own promotional sessions and socials throughout the year, seeking to inspire other students to join societies. My aim will be to facilitate smaller, more frequent events opening societies up to students; providing Societies with potential new members throughout the semester - not only during Freshers and Refreshers.

Communication and Collaborations


Collaboration between Societies is my ambition: increasing communication between Societies of all sizes, promoting shared events. In encouraging different Societies to come together, it will allow their members to try new things with their friends, promoting a less intimidating and relaxed environment. Helping smaller, newer Societies to communicate more effectively and coordinate with each other will be key to driving increased collaboration. Showcasing different Societies each week, using the Union's social media presence, will be essential to supporting increased student engagement and awareness.


Promotion and Participation

My motto is: let's all get connected! Encouraging every Society to increase their social media presence, helping students stay connected to the University wherever they are.

Without a Facebook page, up-to-date website, and some social media presence, Societies can be invisible to many students. Societies sharing online pictures and stories helps to encourage greater participation and encourage the feeling of community. In Surrey, we have a number of students away on placement and increased social media presence helps to keep them connected back to the University. Similarly, future and past students can use the online information to link in to current student activities.


You can download my manifesto here: Bingham Caitlin Activity Zone.pdf

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