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You have been accepted into The University of Surrey, the 4th Best University in the UK (thank you to the Guardian)! You should feel awesome.





So here are ten top tips from your Students' Union to get yourself prepped and ready for Surrey fresher's week 2015:





1.    Follow our Official USSU Fresher's Page 





Stay up to date with everything that you need to know from your students' Union. This will include things such as the fresher's line up and tips on what to bring.​​


2.    Freshers' Tickets 



Amongst buying your cutlery, duvets and funky desk accessories, don't forget to buy your fresher's tickets! You can either buy a wristband for the entire week or pick & choose which events you'd like to go to and buy the individual tickets. These can be bought via Tixtu. Warning: they will sell out quickly so be prepared! ​




3.    Look out for Angels




On the day of moving in you'll see some overly excited people, me included, dancing around and helping carry belongings, these are called Fresher's Angels. If you need a friendly helping hand, the fresher's angels will be there at your 'beck and call', you'll recognise them by their t-shirts!


4. Make yourself known    





When you're unpacking your room, keep your door open so as to let your new flat mates know that you're there! Once you've said hello, why not pop round to neighbouring flats and meet some more fellow students. The more people you meet the merrier.


5.    Help is  always at hand




Student mentor's will also be popping by to your flats to introduce themselves and to help break the ice. They are there to support you throughout the year so don't feel shy about talking to them, they're a lovely bunch! ​


6.    Find your bearings


Before heading out for your first night in Rubix perhaps check where on the campus map it is. It's above your students' union offices. But if in doubt there are sign posts along the way so you'll find it in no time. Also, don't forget you have to be in Rubix by midnight or your ticket becomes invalid!



7.    Timing is everything


Fresher's week will also involve daytime commitments (not just the nights out) so make sure you know your timetable and check the campus map when lost. You'll find you and your new course mates will be walking around in a pack from room to room. Don't worry, you're all in the same boat.



8.    Don't miss our talk



Do not miss your students' union welcome talk. Trust me. I repeat. Do NOT miss your students' union welcome talk. It's more than your average talk. Would you want to risk missing out?




9.   Collect all the freebies


Come along to Fresher's Fayre! This is where you can sign up to all the amazing sports clubs & societies and find out about all the volunteering opportunities available. All of stagmedia will be there too for you to get involved with. Steve the Stag will even be there amongst many other wonderful people! The list goes on. Plus, free stuff. Need I say more? 


10.   (Sniff, Sniff)


Finally, as fresher's week ends, I recommend that you have a pack of Lemsip ready. Fresher's Flu is real. ​


So with those few tips to get you started why not sit back, pop your kettle on, and have a look around the rest of the union website. Make yourself familiar. This will be your new home and we're very excited to meet you! 





Becky Ibbotson
Union Chair 2015-16


 Enjoyed this? Watch out for more Blogs from myself on behalf of your students' union and whilst you're here, follow me on twitter @ussuchair​​


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