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The Surrey Writers’ Committee this year consists of three signatory roles. These are as follows:

  • Victoria Hill-Chalmers, President

  • Katie Leonard, Vice President

  • Melissa Molloy, Treasurer

If you see us around campus, feel free to say hi or ask us any questions. We’d like to help you out however we can, and make you feel comfortable not only within the society, but at the University as well.


A Batman nerd who’s a sucker for emotional, vague, poetic writing. I’m interested in poetry, especially T.S. Eliot, and dream of one day getting published so that I can gush about my OCs to people who care.

"I can’t seem to change my attitude, but I can change my shirt" – Mother Mother


I’m a digital media arts student, and going to Writers Soc has really helped me come up with ideas to use in the course. I love listening to people read their work – optional, don’t worry! – & am writing my own web series, which I used in my coursework.


Lover of everything old & fascinated by philosophical questions. You’ll find me in the library, buried in books with music playing! I admire Romantic poetry (particularly Keats’) & love metaphorical quotes, especially about stars. Aspiring PR, but tempted by a Masters in English.

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars"​



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