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Meet the Committee (2016-2017)​


President – Nikita Agarwal

Nikita is one of the founding members of the society and was the Treasurer for the year 2015-2016 for which she was awarded Society Signatory of the Year by the Union. She has been dancing Salsa on and off for the last few years but reinvigorated her love and skill since starting university. She is studying a degree in International Business & Management and was also in the committee for the Society STAR (Student Action for Refugees). Nikita​​​ wants this society to not only be a medium through which people can learn Salsa, but also create a family like community, for Latin dances in general are very social in nature and bringing people together in a fun filled approachable environment is its core!






Vice President - Polina Osipova​

Polina is also one of the founding members of the society and Vice-President for the second year running. She is an experienced Latin and Ballroom dancer who has found a new passion in Salsa and is one of the most elegant dancers there is. She is studying a degree in International Business & Management. Polina is excited to teach ladies styling and technique, create choreographies for performances and ensure that everyone on campus knows about the Salsa and Bachata Society.  ​





Treasurer - Lucy Skordelli

​Lucy learnt to Salsa and Bachata when she came to one of our sessions and simply fell in love with it. She was the Communications Officer last year, and is also on the committee of the Photographic Society.  She is studying Biological Sciences. Lucy is very passionate and eager to be a signatory in order to help manage the society and make sure that everything is running smoothly. She has not only trained to take over the role of the Treasurer, but also worked hard to now be able to help teach the beginners classes despite she herself starting Salsa just a year before.

ls00551 @surrey.ac.uk




Social Secretary - Maria Gievskaya

​Maria joined the Salsa and Bachata Society last year and has been the Social Secretary ever since. An avid lover of dance, she is also part of the Ballroom and Latin Dance Club and has studied it as a child. She is studying Business Management. Maria is keen to use her love of dance, her people skills and knowledge from her degree to ensure that the society has lots of fun socials, trips and parties. She is also using this year as a chance to further understand about managing a society so she can potentially run for a signatory position in the future. 




Events Officer - Senada Karmai

Senada joined the society post coming to University after being inspired to learn by a friend. She too has then fallen in love with dancing and has been the Events Officer ever since. She was also chosen as the female dancer with the most swag in the Salsa& Bachata Awards 2015-16! She is studying Biochemistry and is also the President of Hazel Farm Society and the Vice-President of BioSoc. Senada is interested in gaining skills outside of her degree, while also just enjoying learning loads about her favorite dance, Bachata. She is keen to help organize classes and socials, which are fun, engaging and act as a stress relief.






Graphics & Support – Adrian Garncarek

Adrian joined the society last year after having tried Salsa before starting university with a friend. He is a first time committee member after feeling that the committee required some testosterone and has also been chosen as the one most likely to dance the night away in the Salsa & Bachata Awards 2015-16! He is studying 'Digital Media Arts'. Adrian wants to utilize the skills he is learning through his degree by making posters for all the society events and handling the YouTube page. He then also wants to be a source of support for the rest of the committee and be someone relatable for all the male members.




Communications Officer – Julie Asenova

Julie joine​d the society this academic year (2016-2017), coming to university with 3 years experience in salsa dancing. She has participated and performing in big salsa festival in her home country. Currently she is in her first year studying Politics and Economics, and is supporting the committee with her impressive dance skills and social skills. She is responisble for sending weekly emails and is always happy to answer any Facebook message for the society. Julie is keen on continuing her passion of dance within the society and to help beginners learn the foundations of latin dance, whilst showing intermediates how to improve and become professionals.