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Texas Hold‘em Poker

​                      Terminology​


The chips/currency (typically in the centre of the table) that players try to win. 


The first chips placed into the pot on any round. N.B. Pre-Flop, the Small Blind is considered to be the first bet. 


When there have been no previous bets in the round, the player has the option to not bet, he “checks”.



To put the same amount of chips into the pot as to match the previous bet or raise. 


To increase the amount of the previous bet. 


To increase the amount of the previous raise. 


To run out of chips while betting, calling or raising. All of the player’s remaining chips are in play. 


To lay down your cards instead of calling or raising a previous bet, forfeiting any chance of winning the pot. 


One player is identified as the theoretical dealer (typically by a dealer button), travelling clockwise to the next player after each hand. If you are “on the button”, you are the dealer. 

Small Blind (SB) 

A mandatory bet placed by the player to the immediate left of the dealer. This occurs prior to the cards being dealt. 

Big Blind (BB) 

Similar to the small blind, the big blind is placed by the player to the left of the small blind (2nd position). Usually the size of the big blind is double that of the small blind. 

Under The Gun (UTG) 

Referring to the player who acts first on any round of betting. If you are positioned left of the big blind, you are “under the gun” pre-flop. 

Hole Cards 

The cards dealt face-down to a player. The best combination of a players hole cards and community cards determines the player’s hand. 

Community Cards/Board 

Cards that are dealt face-up in the middle of the table and are used among all active players. 


The first round of betting. This occurs after all the players’ cards have been dealt, with action beginning with the player under the gun (left of the big blind). 


The first three of the community cards are dealt face-up. The second round of betting begins, starting with the player with the small blind. 


The fourth community card is dealt face-up, with the third round of betting to follow. 


The fifth and last card community card is dealt face-up, with the fourth and final round of betting.