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The University of Surrey Students' Union society for student nurses and everyone with an interest in health. Events, support, training: the list goes on!

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Student Nurses work seriously hard. We want good degrees AND we want registration! That's why we need an active Nursing Society to reflect just how dynamic a faculty we are, and to make university life that little bit easier.

NURSOC is back and on a mission to provide fun, social events for nurses, as well as unique educational opportunities that we can all take advantage of. We are here to recognise and reward the hard work of our members and to see them not just as students, but as real people with families and lives. Sometimes (often) we all need to throw our textbooks into oncoming traffic and take a break.

NURSOC's new committee believes we deserve a massive new presence which is why we have voted in Usman, who will be on hand if you need to talk or vent; Beth our Education Officer, who is constantly thinking of innovative and unique ways to enrich our education; Sarah, who as a mum of a constantly excited two-year-old wants to find fun ways of including our families in special ​events; and finally Emma and Morgan, our Social Secretary, ​who plans ​events to bring all three years together.

We represent three distinct nursing specialties, but above all we are nurses and we deserve a NURSOC with enough presence and energy to recognise the challenges we face and where possible, lighten the load. ​​Got a question? Email us by clicking here.​​​

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