​​No Wave Committee 

​President- a.k.a Cake F***er- Lyz Parker

She run​s the show, the figurehead of our society, our exhalted leader. She organises events,                    S7000197.JPG

​holds AGM meetings and keeps the members up to date with the society's misadventures

Secretary- a.k.a Sheep- Max Cannings                                                                                                                  

He helps the President run the show, isn't the figureheard of the society, and isn't exhalted in  
any way whatsoever. He does however, help organise events, takes minutes in meetings, and 
some say looks good in hats.                                                                

Treasurer- a.k.a Booty Fiddler- James Stanley                                                                                                      

​​This guy takes care of the money. We've done background checks, and we think the

chances of him pillaging the accounts and stuffing his ill-gotten gains under his mattress are 

almost certain  slim at best.                                                                                                                                   

Dancing Queen- a.k.a Grand Exhalted Dance Commander, Instigator of the Macarena, 
Overlord of the Jungle Boogie, Audio Assassin and Bass Gremlin- Jason Hough

Our beloved Mr. Hough is a genuine audiophile. His job is to organise the DJ's on our club nights         

in the Living Room (the 'underground' part of Rubix) and entertain us all with his high octane moves 

and bass face. 

Radio Pirate-... also Jason Hough
Mr. Hough rules not only the dancefloor, but the airwaves as well! He pilots our radio show, 
No Wave Presents, giving us a mix of our favorite genres of music every Saturday at 7pm during 

semester time.  

Publicity Officer- a.k.a Properghandi- Mark Lungley                                   

Mark is responsible for the creation and distribution of posters for our many numerous events

throughout the year. However, he wishes to retire from his position as soon as possible, due 

to reasons of laziness. 


Gig Officer- a.k.a Dave the Cat- Matthew England 
​Our former president was overthrown back in March, but rather than make him face the 
guillotine, we gave him a nice quiet retirement organising the bands for our Live Nights held every