​​​​​​​​​If you have reached this far, you're probably looking for a slightly (only slightly) more serious version of what we actually do as a society. 

So here's what we aim to provide for you, the prospective member of this esteemed group:

  • ​​A space for like-minded individuals to meet up weekly on the university campus
  • To hold monthly events in Hari's Bar and/or Wates House (examples being Rock Band nights with SVGS, Rock 'N' Roll Bingo, pool tournaments)
  • To have at least one night in the Basement​ (the downstairs of Rubix, the student union) a month, giving people a chance to enjoy alternative music in a club environment
  • The ability to be trained as a DJ for our nights in the Living Room
  • Information on concerts in and outside the local area
  • Live nights in aid of charity and to promote both ourselves and the bands playing
  • The organisation of trips to local club nights outside of Guildford, such as Schism and Wake The Dead​​
  • Fluffy bunnies, hugs and experiences that will last a lifetime​*

    *No Wave would like to warn in advance we cannot completely rule out the possibility of mental scarring on this matter, hence the hugs and fluffy bunnies before hand. Well, the hugs at least. We have a furry wall you can stroke in place of rabbits. You'll be fine. Honest.