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Our Planned Evenings:

RE-GREET : To welcome back both new and old members we are hosting a Pub Quiz on the 17th February at Wates, on the main Surrey campus. W e are having  a meet and greet for the second semester to welcome back both old members and new members who signed up at the refreshers week. This will be a time to catch up and even ask questions about any concerns you have. see you all there. This event is free to attend for all so bring along your friends, the more the merrier!   Time; 18:00 - 21:00​





Our Plans for the Year:

Medsoc & Biosoc Present the Bioscience Ball 2017!

We have a variety of events planned this year with plans to collaborate with the Biosoc society to have a summer ball. 

Trips to the Royal Society of Medicine

​Considering applying to study Postgraduate Medicine?  Have any questions you want answered by medical professionals. Our trips to the Royal society of Medicine will provide you with an interesting insight into the life of a doctor.

Medical based pub quiz

Members of MedSoc last year will remember the successful Pub quiz we had last year. Join us on our first event of the year where you can meet fellow students and enjoy a medical based quiz. 

Book clubs

​​Come joins as we discuss a range of medically related books. Medical literature is highly regarded by medical schools and they're very likely to ask you to about the books you've read during an interview.

UKCAT Workshops

​Our UKCAT Workshops were a huge success last year. Join us as we go over the type of questions you'll encounter in the UKCAT and the best method to answer them 

Job fayres

​In need of a part time job whilst at university? there are many opportunities at the Royal Surrey County Hospital near the university. NHS jobs are viewed very highly by employers in the medical field and with many of our members already working in the NHS we'll be able to answer any queries you have.


​​The First year can be quite daunting for many people. There is a menoring scheme in place whihch will pair a first student with a second year student who is doing the same course as them. they will help the first year student with things like assignments and any problems they may encounter in thier time here.