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Student Representatives 2016/17 

Year 1: 

Aerospace Engineering: Alexandros Sarris (as01653@surrey.ac.uk) Automotive Engineering: Nile Jones (nj00177@surrey.ac.uk) Mechanical Engineering: Natasha Eades (ne00099@surrey.ac.uk) Medical Engineering: Charlotte Kidd (ck00319@surrey.ac.uk) 

Year 2: 

Aerospace Engineering: Hugo Ruiz Gonzalez (hr00178@surrey.ac.uk) Automotive Engineering: Abhishek Shah (as01324@surrey.ac.uk) Mechanical Engineering: Yusuf Shauq (ys00257@surrey.ac.uk) Medical Engineering: Ngan Le (nl00174@surrey.ac.uk) 

Year 3:

Mechanical Engineering: Demitriana Minassian (dm00298@surrey.ac.uk) Automotive Engineering: Mariana Sequeira Crespo (ms00649@surrey.ac.uk) Medical Engineering: Jordan Elliott (je00077@surrey.ac.uk) Aerospace Engineering: Sam Bryanton (sb00427@surrey.ac.uk)

Level M:

Aerospace Engineering: Alaa Aldubush (aa00762@surrey.ac.uk) Mechanical Engineering: James Lowe (jl00293@surrey.ac.uk) Medical Engineering: Alexander Watts (aw00216@surrey.ac.uk) 

Level P: