Welcome to the The Baking Society website


Welcome to BakeSoc!


A whole lot of Surrey students who love to bake, eat or want to try something new.

 (If 'The Great British Bake Off' tickles your fancy, this society is definitely for you!)

One hour evey fortnight.

Baked treats to get stuck into!



1) A theme will be given for each session for you to base your bake on.

2) Bring your cakes/biscuits/savouries  you've made (the list is endless!) along to share out.

3) Eat far too much, while playing games, practice decorating skills, socialising and rating everyone for look and taste. 

4) A prize will be given each session for the highest rated bake!



- If you need to borrow equipment eveyone's super friendly.. just ask!

- We provide all the cutlery, plates, cups, drinks and prizes.

- We're a relatively new society so your input is also valued!

- We love to show your bake off on our facebook page so look our for our resident photographer at all sessions!



These guys would love to hear your ideas for themes, socials and charity bake sales..